This is a WebSDR located in Grimsby, England, operated by Matt. Big thanks to Barney for helping me get this site up and running. Email:

Using a Nooelec RTL Dongle with Nooelec v1.3 upconverter connected to a wellbrook loop antenna facing North/South.

Using another Nooelec RTL Dongle with v1.3 upconverter connected to a Loop Facing East/West.

You can widen the filters to gain better sound quality and narrow them to avoid adjacent qrm.

Absolute:1242, Talksport:1053, BBC 5 live: 909 or 693, BBC R4: 198. 1737 is LPAM

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Tip For Mobile users: If you directly enter the frequency 20khz on the mobile site you can tune MW/LW via the E/W Loop: To get back to the N/S loop enter 2100khz.

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Update: September 11th: RAI Radio closed their MW frequencies, 657,900 etc..

Update: April 27th: Magic 1161 stopped broadcasting. On April 30th the transmitter was switched off at around 13.55.

Update: Early September: Antenna reflector at Gold London 1548 broke, meaning reception was made possible in Grimsby.

Update: 31-08-20: 1161 changed from Greatest Hits Radio to Magic.

Update: 16-03-20: BBC Radio Norfolk 855khz ceased broadcasting, it now carries a retune loop till 9th April when it will be then shut down, BBC Norfolk is still available on 873khz

Update: 24-02-20: BBC Radio York 666/1260 ceased broadcasting, these frequencies carry a retune loop till 6th April then the transmitters are turned off forever :(

Update: 23-12-19: Turned the NW/SE loop further towards the South so signals are slightly better on 648, 873, 1332 etc.

Update: 07-01-19: Viking 2 1161 rebranded to Greatest Hits Radio.

Update: 31-12-18: Belgium ceased broadcasting on 621 and 1125 at 19.00 utc. Netherlands ceased broadcasting on 1008 at 00.00 UTC

Update: 16-09-18: Added extra filter options to the mobile site & added manual gain control to the desktop site.

Update: 23-06-18: Added a second loop facing West, this is good for RTE 252, BBC 198 & 909 and Absolute 1215.

Update: 19-06-18: Local Absolute Radio Transmitter on 1215 was switched off just after 11.03AM, 1215 is now better on the West facing loop as the signal comes from Huddersfield.

Update: 11-03-18: Raised the Whip antenna by about 2 Meters, this has increased it's sensitivity a little.

Update: 11-01-18: BBC Humberside ceased broadcasting on 1485khz at 12:07pm. TX Switched off for good 29-1-18 at 2:01pm.

Update: 04-01-18: BBC Lincolnshire ceased broadcasting on 1368khz at 11:03am. TX switched off for good 30-1-18 at 11:15am.

Update: 14-09-17: Built a new PC just for hosting the websdr with 4GB ram and an AMD 6400 3.7ghz dual core processor. Server can now handle 80 simultanious users.

Update: 14-09-17: Added LW/MW Via omni directional whip antenna

Update: 25-06-17: Added 48M shortwave, but I can not do much about the local QRM sadly:(

Update: 22-05-17: Changed the acer laptop that I first used to set up the WebSDR that kept freezing for a used HP DC-8000 mini desktop, the server can now handle 40 simultaneous users. Total server downtime was around 4 hours.

November 27th 2016, WebSDR first came online hosting just the LW/MW Band via an Acer Laptop.

More information about the WebSDR project can be found on