This is a WebSDR receiver located in Grimsby, operated by Matt. Big thanks to Barney for helping me get this site up and running.

Using a Nooelec RTL Dongle with Nooelec upconverter connected to a wellbrook loop antenna for LW/MW. I am using a Sony AN-1 Active antenna for the Shortwave 48m band.

You can widen the filters to gain better sound quality and narrow them to avoid adjacent qrm.

The Mobile version of this site can be found here

You can scan the band and even tune to the Shortwave band without affecting what other people hear, feel free to tune around and see what you can find, I am forever turning the loop to try minimize local QRM and to get the best signals.

Local greatest hits station Viking 2 is on 1161khz, Absolute is on 1215, Talksport: 1053, BBC 5 live is 909 or 693 and the Local BBC station is on 1485khz.

Update 22-05-17: Changed the acer laptop that I first used to set up the WebSDR that kept freezing for a HP DC-8000 mini desktop, the server can now handle 20 simultanious users. Total server downtime was around 4 hours.

More information about the WebSDR project can be found on

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